Excellent mortgage service

Modern primary servicing, with 100% quality and attention

Boutique style primary servicing

Novalink provides taylormade primary servicing, with the excellent quality that goes along with boutique style servicing. That is what our customers want and we realize this, with 100% commitment and conviction.

  • Modulair services, fully customized
  • Attention for you and your customers with dedicated teams
  • Advanced insights and modeling for your portfolio
  • Extensive facilities in portfolio transactions
  • Integration between our data and your own systems

Meet our MT Members

  • Eveline Jansen
    Eveline Jansen Manager Residual debts

Frequently Asked questions

Is Novalink independent?

Yes, Novalink is 100% independent and is not funded by banks, insurers or other external parties.

Does Novalink work under its own name or in the name of our client?

Both options are possible, we adapt based upon the wishes of our client

Does Novalink have a “service rating”?

No, Novalink does perform external audits based on ISAE 3402 and participates in benchmark trials. With excellent results.

What does the remuneration model look like?

Novalink offers different models, which we can suit to your needs.